"If we hope to create a non-violent world where respect and kindness replace fear and hatred, we must begin with how we treat each other at the begining of life. For that is where our deepest patterns are set. From these roots grow fear and alienation or love and trust."
Suzanne Arms


Here are some of my posts about childbirth that may be of interest

Why Homebirth?

Man, there are too many reasons to list!!  I chose homebirth for all of my children and will choose homebirth for any future kids as well. I have a strong belief that birth was perfectly designed by God, that pregnancy is not a "medical" event to be managed but a natural occurrence . . . that for the most part, pregnancy and birth are safe and that it is unnatural interventions by medical persons trying to manage your birth or make it fit into some type of schedule (either theirs or the "average") that can actually cause complications and make birth risky. Birth is a very powerful, life changing event in a woman’s life but too many women have that power taken away from them as they are made to birth the way others want them to or think that they should.
How do we take birth back? By taking responsibility for our births. By making decisions that are best for us and our families. I believe the best way to ensure that birth occurs on our terms is to give birth where we feel most comfortable and are able to be in complete control, in our own homes. Whether we choose (preferably a hands-off) midwife to attend us, or a birth with just family present, by choosing homebirth we are making a conscious decision to give ourselves and our children the best, most natural and gentle birth possible.

Is Homebirth for Everyone?

No, I don't believe that it is.  I will admit that, although birth is a natural process, there are times and circumstances where intervention is needed. Those people with health problems, or a situation that places their birth outside of what is considered ‘natural and normal’ should have medical professionals at hand should they need their assistance. That said, I believe these problems (pregnancy and birth related) to be not as widespread as many think.  I actually think *most* people can safely birth at home.

If someone desires pain relief then a homebirth is not an option.  However people have found that birthing at home is actually less painful then their hospital births, simply because they feel no inhibitions.  They can move as they please into any position that they please without anything or anyone tying them down.  They can moan, yell, eat, drink, and utilize the shower or tub whenever they want as often as they want, without strangers interfering and telling them that they can’t.  They feel less inhibited and therefore they are free to listen to their bodies and their instincts and when one is able to truly embrace their labor and birth it tends to go more smoothly.  It is fear and tension and lack of mobility and lack of food that can make labor more painful than it needs to be.

Those who truly believe that the hospital is the best place to give birth should birth at the hospital.  Yes, I believe that homebirth is safer and ultimately best, but those who don't share these beliefs are not suited to birth at home.  Though I will say that with proper information about homebirth benefits and safety, and after meeting with and questioning a midwife, homebirth often becomes a much more viable option for many who may not have thought they would ever feel ‘safe’ birthing at home (basically, I am saying don’t just rule it out). A woman should birth where she feels safest and with whom she feels safest. And if that happens to be at the hospital with doctors and a managed birth then that is where she should be.  Regardless where and with whom one chooses to birth, ultimately we are still responsible for the outcome and overall experience.

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