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Friday, April 8, 2011

Wearing newborn Dagyn

1 week old in a wrapsody
 I like to try to take as many babywearing pictures as I can, especially when the kids are newborns, just because they grow so quickly.  I am working on a blog post showing different ways to wear newborns (need to find some pictures taken over the years) but for now I wanted to share some of the ways I have been wearing Dagyn since he was born (5 wks ago if you can believe it!!).
1 week old, nursing in the Kozy
3 wks in the Maya lightly padded

I have recruited Xian (10) and Piper (8) to take pictures of us, as Charlie is often either not here or not in the mood to take pictures for the 100th time.  So many of these were taken by the kids.  I have been so determined to document everything that I have even had them take pictures of me sans make up (I know, shocking right?)

That is a Kozy baby!
 There is nothing better than newborn babywearing!  I mean that sweet little tiny baby cuddled up on your chest, mmmmm, I LOVE it!

Some people have expressed surprise that I use slings other than my Kozys, and it is true that I honestly do use my Kozys like 90% of the time when they are older (because I LOVE them) and I find them easiest to nurse in at any age.  But as newborns, I really like to use a variety of slings and carriers.  And there is nothing like wrapping a newborn!!

2 wks old in a wrapsody stretch at the park
I have really been wearing Dagyn on my back a lot.  It seems more than I did with the last few kids.  He takes to it well and it is just easier when I have things to do around here like dishes or mopping where a back carry is easier.
1 wk old, smiling in a Girasol
2 wks in the Didy

2 wks in Kozy
3 wks, in wrapsody

Doing dishes with 2 wk old Dagyn on my back in the Kozy

Hands free nursing (with his little leg hanging out) in the wrapsody stretch @2 wks old (we were at Lowes shopping)
8 yr old Piper, wearing 3 wk old Dagyn in a Kozy
Mmmmm, SO sweet!!

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  1. Oh. My. Word. These take my breath away. I LOVE LOVE LOVE wearing a newborn and I so wish I had pictures of my newborns in all thes poses. Thank you!



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