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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thrace is 12 wks old!!

Has it been 12 weeks already? Unbelievable!! The time always flies by yet it seems like he has always been a part of the family!

He is so sweet, he smiles with his whole face . . . makes you want to melt! The kids love him (almost too much, LOL). They are such a great help with him. I say it is easier now with 5 because my older kids (Xian and Piper mostly) can help out so much . . . they even hold him for me if I need to change or something and Xian has worn him in the Kozy a few times (which they both love).

He doesn't like to be put down of course (like the others) but sometimes after a good nap if he is fed he will lie and play happily for a while. He doesn't particularly love the car either, but so far he tolerates it better than most of the other kids have (I can sometimes go out without having to pull over and nurse him, LOL). He has been smiling since a week old but really started smiling lots daily around 5-6 wks and he is REALLY close to laughing. He sits up well on our laps and I am guessing he will be sitting on his own at 4 mo like all the others. I finally weighed him the other day (when he was 11 1/2 wks) and he was 13 1/2 lbs. So he is growing like a weed. Everyone says they can't believe how big he is for 12 wks! But if he is like my other 4 kids his growing will slow down soon and he will just hover around 20lbs at a year . . . we'll see.
I love seeing his personality come out, he loves music, loves watching the fan spin, loves watching the kids play etc. He is a joy and we are so blessed to have him!!

Here are some pictures of him growing over the last few months.

A few days old in the Kozy

3 days old in the Belly Cast. You always look at the cast and think, there is no way a baby can fit in there . . . then they are born and they fit perfectly!! So cool!!
I am going to have to do a blog post sometime about how to make them. We have done casts with all of the kids.

4 days

8 days

9 days

5 wks

6 wks

9 wks

12 wks

He has nice fat rolls on this thighs and and creases on his arms, he is so squishy but still has that wonderful baby smell. And he can spot me across the room now and when he sees me he will call for me to hold him or nurse him (regardless of who is holding him) and just smiles and talks!!
Ah sweet baby love!!


  1. No question about it . . . he's my favorite. Until, of course, I see pics of any of my other grandkids!

    I love that 9 week old pic! Popeye.

  2. So adorable! I do hope you post instructions for the belly cast :) We are expecting in November and that just looks so lovely :)



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