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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Family Vacation 09

OK so like 10 yrs ago we did a whole family vacation together in Gatlinburg. It was my parents, my 4 sisters and our husbands (those of us who were married). I believe there were 10 of us in all. We had a lot of fun and still tell stories from that weekend.
Well this year we decided to do a whole family vacation again (thanks to Kristi who always organizes these things). Our family has grown quite a bit since then. We had my parents, 3 of my 4 sisters, their husbands and 13 and 2/3 kids (my 5, my sister Kim's 5, my sister Kathi's 3 and then we can't forget Jackson Lee, Kristi's son who is currently cooking as she is in her 3rd trimester!! WooHoo!!!).

I have lots of pictures below (if you want to see them larger just click on them).

Kristi knows a lady who has this amazing house that she doesn't live in and so graciously lets others use for FREE. The house is amazing, there are 3 full kitchens, and everything in it, from the mouldings, to the counters, to the bathrooms, to the tile to the ceilings etc was top of the line!! Flat panel TV's in every room! There are 4 bedrooms in the main house, then the pool house is 2 stories (and a full kitchen and 2 full baths) with plenty of room for my and Kathi's families. We stayed on the top floor of the pool house

The cabinet on the left (you can see it behind the archaid game) has a murphy bed inside and it just pulls down . . . so cool!! Wake up, play games, shoot some pool then jump in the pool!! That is pretty much what the kids did all day . . . swim, play games, eat, swim, play games, eat . . .

This picture above was taking from the top deck off our room. The pool was amazing! There was a kiddy pool (with fountains) hot tub, and I loved the little walk way into the pool (that is where Ever liked to hang out). We really didn't have to go out anywhere, we just hung around the pool all day. Oh and a complete sound system inside and out . . . so we were rockin at the pool!

The main house on the left and pool house on the right. Below is a view into the bottom level of the pool house (those doors close to make a full wall and close in the room). Notice Kristi sitting there in red . . . with her big baby belly!!!!

I couldn't resist including this picture below!! Ever likes to be au natural!!
Thrace loved the hot tub! It wasn't super hot, around mid 90's. It was his first time in a 'pool'. I didn't put him in the main pool because he still seems sensitive to temperature (more so than the other kids) but he loved that hot tub.
The 2nd time he was in it with Daddy he stayed in for like an hour!!

Here is me and Ever. When I was in the pool (which unfortunately wasn't often as I usually had Thrace) he pretty much rode around on my back the whole time!
Xian and Piper. Xian just learned to swim like a week or 2 before this. The goggles did it. Once he could go under and could see and didn't have to hold his nose that was all it took! He is even diving off the diving board!! Now he needs to learn to swim without the goggles, LOL!
Arah doing his cannon ball!
Ever, Arah and Xian
Thrace and PaPa (my dad)
All the grandkids together getting ready to have cookies and watch Princess Bride


  1. I remember that first family vacation 10 years ago- I was living in HHI, SC and Erin and Sarah came down for a visit. We made our way up to where you guys were (for some reason I was thinking it was Charleston, there on the beach) to see Karla and the family. What a fun and great family you guys have! Looking forward to seeing everyone again at Karlas wedding!

  2. what a wonderful experience!!!



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