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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Where in the world is . . . . ??

Oh wait . . .here I am!!  

Sorry I have been MIA.  
I blame these people

Can I say that having 6 kids has kicked my butt?  I mean seriously.  I have started maybe 1/2 dozen blog posts (and have like another couple dozen topics I want to cover) and I get online to work on one and I either have e-mails I have to answer or some child is hungry, or needs to nurse, or needs to be wiped or is hurt (or is hurting someone else) or is standing on the counter (sometimes standing on the counter AND needing to be wiped) or is getting in to the fridge . . . or getting into the fridge and dumping food on the floor, and often it is multiples of these happening at the same time!

I know I don't have to tell you, anyone with little ones knows what I am talking about.  And then in the evening after they are asleep (which is actually when I usually get any real computer stuff done) I often have stuff to clean, or I get called back to bed by a crying baby or dh wants my attention (that is our "alone" time ya know) or I am just mentally ready to veg out infront of some mindless show with ice cream!  Yes I love my ice cream!!  I love it so much I try to spend some time with it every evening!  And we had been rewatching Buffy the Vampire Slayer recently (it is amazing how much you can forget it 10 yrs) and now that we finished it, we are rewatching Angel.  Fun times!!  Ice cream and Vampires . . . does it get better than that . . . maybe zombies?  (actually I just really like watching Spike . . . those of you who have seen Buffy know what I am talking about ;0)  And for those who don't . . . . here is a photo . . .

Yes, I just put a photo of Spike from Buffy on my blog, LOL!!

 So our summer this year was not nearly as busy as our summer last year (when we went to the BW conference in Idaho and to the beach in FL and OBX).  And last year I had morning sickness most of the summer . . . but I still think having baby #6 here has made it a bit harder to keep up.  Since I last checked in here we have
 ............................made a trip to Hershey Park in May, made a trip to GA to see my gorgeous niece Olive who was born (in a natural hospital waterbirth) to my little sister Karla in June (her first baby).
Me and newborn Olive

Olive and 12 wk old Dagyn
We also got some baby chicks, painted the front porch (yes, the kids and I spent 2 wks painting all the railings, it was a bit crazy but it turned out great) we had a big birthday party, we had some pets pass away, We got a trampoline . .
In the morning (as you see they are in their PJ's).  They couldn't wait, this is right after we put it up, before we could level it and put up the net and padding
 . . .we had a fun long weekend with family in Lynchburg, built and tiled a shower in the upstairs bathroom (that actually used to be a closet, we are just finishing it up now, just a bit more grouting to do) we got more baby chicks and have spent several days at the lake and with friends.  But I don't think anyone has been doing as much work this summer as this little guy . . .
Dagyn 5mo . . . growing, and growing, and growing . . .
 But I promise.  I am going to try desperately to get back to the habit of blogging, because I always have so much on my mind to share.


  1. I adore that picture of Dagyn!!!!

  2. Oh please, do not tell me that 6 kids is harder than 5 kids! I was really, really counting on that not being the case. I'll just fall off the face of the planet now. Oh well, it sounds like at least your kids know you are still around, and what is more important than that? Right?

  3. My baby! I love him! That is the one I took like day before yesterday. I had like 5 that were really good but it was unanimous that this be the one to go up on the wall! I will say I have done this type of picture with all of them but he is just so laid back and happy and easy to smile that it was much easier as he sat longer without fussing then the others did (though I always have the kids helping me).

  4. Rochelle, you know everyone says that the more you have the easier it is but so far, I disagree. In some ways it is easier to have 6 than like 3 age 3 and under (which I also had at one time) because the older kids help with cleaning, they can grab the baby for me (that is SO nice) and hold him, they help with the smaller kids (I never have to buckle anyone in the car or even get anyone dressed if I don't have time). I can shower or take a bath and have someone hold the baby while I get out instead of trying to juggle a crying baby while I get dressed (getting myself ready is definitely easier since someone can hold the baby while I change, wash my face etc.) BUT, there is MUCH more to keep up with. Despite having help now there is more mess (just because the older kids are great with cleaning at times, doesn't mean they are not making mess themselves, and mess x6 is worse than mess x3). There are more clothes to keep up with, more shoes, more food (most people asking for food, OMGosh it is constant, LOL) more fights to break up, more butts to wipe, more feelings to consider, more people needing their own 'space' for special things (and our house is only 1800 sq ft with no basement or anything) LOL!! So for me, while the physical work may not be more since I have help, it is much harder mentally keeping up with everything (and the stuff, SO much stuff between all of them). And stuff going on online (keeping up with e-mails, friends, blogs) just adds to all the stuff in my brain I am trying to organize, LOL!! Maybe that part is easier for some, but I find that it is an adjustment for me. I think though that it will get easier as the older kids get older and are more responsible. M seems like she would be a great help to you (Xian is WONDERFUL at cleaning up, and Piper is a HUGE help with the 2 younger ones). You will do great!! I am looking forward to seeing y'all next summer (and you need to come hang out with us!)

  5. See, I *did* feel like it got easier, but mine are all three years apart, so that probably has a lot to do with it. Also, I think my perspective changed to one of just wanting to appreciate every little moment because I knew how soon it would be over. :*o) Then again, my last three were girls, and I think girls are just easier all the way around until they get to be bickering teenagers -- then it's payback time for their easy babyhood! lol

  6. Cat, I hear a lot of people say that. and I figure it must have to do with their kids, personalities (kids and mom) how far apart they are and stuff like that. I worked at an Early Learning Center for 5 yrs and I had 10, 2-5 yr olds (different ages each year) daily so it isn't that I am not used to lots of kids, LOL! It is just keeping up with everything (their shoes, clothes, making sure they have what they need, trying to get out of the house without it looking like a cyclone hit, LOL). But now that you mention it . . . I didn't start to get feelings of being overwhelmed (not counting when I was doing Kozy by myself, I don't remember a year of my life then, LOL) till my #3 was a toddler. Numbers 3-5 have been the kind of toddlers that are into everything. My first 2 did normal stuff, pull books off shelves, empty drawers, occasionally get into food etc. I never kid proofed the house. But starting with #3 . . . he was into everything, and the 2 after him were the same. We watch Thrace sometimes and just laugh because he is so busy getting into stuff, making messes . . . LOOKING for messes to make. I go into a room to sweep and come back into the kitchen and he has dumped out a can of nuts and bottle of ketchup on the floor . . . and that was just after supper, before supper he dumped a tin of instant coffee on the floor and walked through it and had is stuck all over his hands and feet. And this is a normal day, LOL!! (and I haven't mentioned the other things, almost losing my contacts, dumping out chicken food, climbing on the table a dozen times, dumping pasta on the sofa and other things I forgot from the day, that is just today). LOTS of energy, LOL!! It isn't a free for all over here, but I mean, he is only 2 and I work with them where they are ya know. My 4 and 6 yr olds don't make those messes anymore, but they do butt heads constantly (probably because they are so much alike).

    Of course nursing 2-3 kids and co-sleeping and homeschooling etc. just adds to my lack of time to, well, think straight, LOL, but that is OK. I wouldn't have it any other way. I try to enjoy this stage of life because I know I will totally miss it when they are older . . . and I still want more kids Lord willing (actually the more I have the more I can't imagine not having more, LOL). I just don't try to pretend that it is easy, because IMO it isn't (though when we go out I do try to make it look easy, well as much as possible, because I want to be a positive example of a larger family ;0). But that doesn't mean it isn't completely fun and rewarding too!!

    Teenagers . . . yes, don't want to think about that one until I have to ;0)



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