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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Why I have been MIA most of the summer!

Aug 29,2010
12 1/2 wks with baby #6

With the 24/7 icky feeling (though thankfully a bit better than with the others) and the fact that most of my blogging and computer stuff is done after the kids are asleep, and the past 2 mo and that I have NOT been able to stay awake much past them (either that or I felt too sick to do work) the blog and many e-mails have been neglected!!

I am 13 wks though and starting to feel better and get some energy back so hopefully I can make up for it now!  My 'due date' is March 10th so I figure . . . sometime in March.  My edd's have been based on conception, and so far my babies have been 10, 6, 4, 3, days "late" and only 1 was 3 days "early" (not in that order).  Funny thing is they have all ranged from 7.12 to 8.4 lb (within 1/2 lb or so of each other) and have been from 21-22 3/4".  So not a huge amount of variation in when they decide to come or what size they are, LOL!! 

We don't use doppler or ultrasound unless I feel it is medically warranted, so I haven't heard the heartbeat, which was also the case with my last 3 kids. So it is hard for me to feel totally comfortable telling others till I feel regular movement or can pick up the heartbeat with a fetoscope (usually between 16-20 wks).  So I just have to trust that all is well and do what I can to keep track of how things are progressing.  I know my uterus has been growing just fine, which is a great sign.  I could feel it above my pubic bone by 6 wks this time and now it is at my belly button!!  This is MANY weeks higher than normal, but that is what happens when your uterus has been stretched out so many times! It was similar with my last 3 too (with #5 I could feel it above my pubic bone by 8 wks, so with each one it seems to be a bit sooner).  Just knowing it is growing at a regular rate is reassuring.  So that, and the fact that by 12 wks I could feel some movement at times when I poke around on my uterus (which I also noticed with the last 3) makes me hope that all is well.

Planning another homebirth of course, probably UC, but I like to play it by ear and decide during labor if I feel God leading me to call my midwife friend or not (so far the last 3 times I haven't felt like I needed her).  It is just SO nice to have that option and a blessing to have supportive friends.

Sooo, hopefully things can get back to normal a bit more around here since I am starting to feel a bit more normal too. There are so many things I want to blog about, I am just so long winded that it takes me forever do to a post, LOL!!  I have also considered breaking off and splitting the blog into 2.  Having just the Kozy part for Kozy related stuff and then another blog for all my other stuff.  If/when I do that though I'll let y'all know and make it easy to transition.


  1. congrats!!! you look really pretty:)

  2. Congratultions! I am so happy for you and your family! Also, on a more selfish note, I am excited for myself- I am pregnant with my second child (due March 30). I love your blog and feel so much support from it. I am still nursing my 2 y.o. son and would love to do an unassisted homebirth. Congratulations again, you look great!

  3. Congratulations! I laughed as soon as your blog page loaded and I saw your picture! I'm pregnant again too :) with baby #6(actually it's #7 but because one didn't make it much past birth because of "non-genetic" birth defects this will be our 6th living-I think I've told you about that before). I'm 23 weeks. I'm excited for you! And glad to know I'm not the only mom who starts showing waaaaay early! Another reason why I love your picture hee hee! I measure slightly smaller than my dates and baby seems to be 'right on' in size according to the one ultrasound we had(to make sure everything was a-ok with baby). My Mom sees me on the webcam the other day and asked to see my belly...she then says,"Wooow Jaime you look B-I-G for 5 months!" I haven't even gained as much weight as I normally do! LOL! I was thinking....Ummm Mom this is my SEVENTH time around this block,it's not my first baby! *chuckle*!! I'm excited for you Kelly and hope for a happy,healthy baby that just might be a girl. :) (they said ours looked most likely like a boy but we'll see. Our last 4 in a row have been girls!). Best wishes!

  4. Wow! Congratulations! We're not pregnant yet but I'm more and more thinking about UC or home birth. I also feel kind of silly saying "due date" or that my baby was 7 days "late". They come when they're ready!

  5. Congratulations! I'm working on our first (at about 36 weeks now). We're planning a homebirth with a midwife. I've really appreciated your other site where you talk about your different births and stuff. We're excited! We also bought a Kozy recently, and we're excited to use that too!
    God bless!

  6. Congratulations, Kelley! How wonderful for the LORD to bless you with another precious soul.

  7. Hey MU!!!
    Congrats on baby #6!!!!



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