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Suzanne Arms

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blizzard of 2010

Well technically not a blizzard, but that is what they are calling it on the news. DC has reportedly the most snow in 90 yrs. We are northwest of DC and have over 30" so far from where Charlie measured in the middle of the yard, though some areas are much deeper . . . and it is STILL snowing (as you can see in these pix).  I want to take a picture of the kids out in the snow but I am probably going to wait till tomorrow when it has stopped snowing (so I can get the most accurate pictures).  Right now they are fine playing on the porch, since we have like a foot that has drifted there, but it is kind of impossible to play in snow that comes up to your waist!!
ETA: added more pictures in a new post HERE

Here are the pix from today, I'll get more tomorrow after it has finished snowing

The view out our side door

The view out the back door.  That large white mound in the back is THE CAR . . . completely covered!!

Here is the same door from the outside, and the lump again (to the left) which is the car completely covered!

 Same area of the yard, from the roof (notice the lump of a buried car again)

That is our truck (Ford Expedition)
Notice all the icicles on the house

The snow is up to the middle board on the 3 board fence

The swings are buried

Trying to shovel

Out in an opened area to measure the depth of the snow

You know we tried to get Ptolemy (the greyhound) to go out in the snow, and he usually loves running in it, but he was NOT interested this time.  I guess he is only like 27" at the shoulder (a pretty tall dog) but he would be covered in this snow.  Maybe if/when we all go out he will be more likely to run and play.

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  1. I love it! I wish we had that kind of snow out here right now! I hope you guys enjoy your snowed-in days!



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