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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kozy Commercial

Ok our little sister Karla (the one who just got married) did this Kozy Commercial for us a while ago.   I have been meaning to put it up and we finally put it on the site so I figured it was a good time to blog about it.

She did this video all on her own, with her friends and some of the cool new prints we have (which she also picked out).

Karla is just so uber cool!!  I mean I like to think I am 'hip' (ok does using the word 'hip' make me a dork? LOL, I am a geek at times) but I pale in comparison to her coolness!!  I jest not.  I am not going to get into it all but you can check out her websites (or google her . . . Karla Jean Davis)
Smart and Sexy Films
Golgotha (the full length movie she did)
Karlas Flickr
Karla on IMDB

Anyway, she and some of her friends got together and made this commercial. Well she shot it and edited it and everything . . . I think they even did the music.

Keep in mind that they had NO ONE there helping them with the Kozys, with proper carries or how to wear or tie, and though Karla has used them with my kids, she is not a mom or 'babywearer'.  So some of the shots are questionable but for the most part, they did a great job.  Wonderful shots of some sweet babies and moms . . . .

I love it . . . I mean it just makes me SO happy everytime I watch it!!!

Kozy Carriers from Karla Jean Davis on Vimeo.


  1. I thought it was fantastic, Kelley!

    And I think, even though I am a mom and a very experienced babywearer, that all their carry's were fine. I certainly have used all of them.

    I have such fond memories of wearing my youngest (now 3) in the kozy while hanging clothes out on the clothesline. :D


  2. Glad you like it too Mary!
    It isn't that the carries themselves are 'bad', just some of the tying techniques (straps riding up on neck, baby buried in the fabric etc). I am super picky though because I always want to show proper technique in all pictures and stuff. But overall I think they did really good considering!

  3. I am in tears! What a beautiful commercial and such a perfect blend of baby wearing situations. Swinging with little ones in a front carry is one of my favorite things to do, I'm so glad you thought of it for your commercial!! Off to forward it...

  4. beautiful video. I love the emotions.

  5. Kristi said: I cried twice the first two times I watched it. And that was before I was pregnant w/Jackson. Now that I rewatch it....hmm, where's that Kleenex box? HAHA

    I'm touched...again. Our little sister ROCKS! And well, Kozys rock too if I do say so myself. And I think you're totally hip. ;o)

  6. hey kelley
    just found your blog and became a follower as well as a subscriber...
    your sister did an amazing job on this video seriously... i have no words to say how much i love it

  7. I found this video at your web-shop and i like this video and these pictures so much. Full of real life, i love! I have 5 kids too. Have a nice spring! Greetings from Finland,



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