"If we hope to create a non-violent world where respect and kindness replace fear and hatred, we must begin with how we treat each other at the begining of life. For that is where our deepest patterns are set. From these roots grow fear and alienation or love and trust."
Suzanne Arms

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ah, a wedding in the park!

Wait a second . . . hmmm, something seems wrong here . . .
(That is Charlie, my dh, right and my Bro-in-law Rod being goofy)

OK THIS is much better!!
This is Karla (my little sister) and her new hubby James

OK so finally, I feel like a huge weight was taken off my shoulders. After all of the babies being born, the showers, birthdays etc. we have been so busy (and out of town a ton) since, well, since Thrace was born in May. But Karla's wedding was the last big 'event' and now I have some down time. Well, not that much down time, I mean we do have Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up so this time of year is pretty crazy, but I have a few weeks at least (though we do have an overnight party to go to one weekend, but at least it is IN town!!!).

Karla, is my little sister (and the one responsible for some of our cool new Kozy prints and pictures and video etc.) I joke that she is the famous one because she works for Turner (Cartoon network) used to do commercials on GameTap (think that is what it is called), makes independent movies, worked on the set of the new Ben 10 movie on cartoon network and was on a reality TV show (among other things, LOL). Hey, she is even on IMDB. Anyway, she was the last of us 5 girls to get married. She married Mr James Abercrombie (whom we all love, and knew he was perfect for her years before she realized it herself!! Well, we just wanted him in the family because he is that great!).

She had her wedding in GA (where she lives and we are originally from). So we had to all pack up and travel down there from VA . . . all 24 of us (my grandma wasn't up to the trip unfortunately). It was a 10 hr drive from our house (well, OK much longer with kids, LOL).

All the kids (minus new babies) were in the wedding and I am sorry but they stole the show if I do say so myself, they were SO cute!!

Despite the fact that it was a whirlwind trip (down on Fri, back on Sun) we had a lovely time! The wedding was very cool, the setting rocked and the outfits were fashionably retro. The coolest thing was that it was overcast all day but the sun came out as Karla started to walk down the 'aisle' and stayed out till immediately after they were named husband and wife (maybe a little Divine intervention there?).

Oh, and my favorite part of the whole thing . . . the reception . . . eggs, grits, bacon and biscuits . . . mmmmmm, so good!! Those grits were the best I have EVER tasted!

Anyway on to the pictures!

Karla arriving at the wedding . . . yes, she was ALREADY crying (and it hadn't even started yet). I think she is like Kristi in that way, crying when happy . . . I don't cry so much (though more so now since having kids . . . durn hormones!)

Karla and Dad

Now husband and wife

Piper was cold (it was pretty chilly when the wind was blowing)

The kids (minus Esther, don't know where she was). I told you they were cute!! Imagine them walking down the 'aisle' throwing leaves!

Charlie and Thrace, all decked out!

Me and Karla. I am wearing a silk velvet patchwork kozy that I made (no I am not making more, it was a huge PITA to sew)

Kristi and Karla

All 5 of us. Kathi (#4) Kim (#1) Karla (#5) Kristi (#2) and me (#3)

OK so now that things are settling down (well as much as they can in Nov and Dec) hopefully I can start posting more often

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