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Sunday, September 27, 2009


"He hath made everything beautiful in His time" Ecc 3:11
Jackson Lee Jennings
Born at 12:08 am the morning of Sept. 27 (38 wks)
7lb 10oz 21" long

The miracle has finally arrived!!
What an answer to prayer!
Huge Congrats to Kristi and Chris!

Our whole family has been praying for this little guy for years, the Lord is so faithful! We were all overjoyed to meet this little man (who looks JUST like his daddy!!). I mean you just have no idea what a celebration this is! All babies are a miracle, but this little guy . . . he is the icing on the cake!
Lets just say there was no shortage of tears, LOL!

Kristi had a fairly short first labor, 11 hours. And get this . . . she pushed for 18 MINUTES!!
Yes, that is 18 minutes (I am not jealous, I am not jealous, I am not jealous, LOL).
No epidural . . . she ROCKS!!
In the pix above she is on the birth ball, which I understood to be her favorite spot (was mine too for 2 of my labors). They labored mostly alone, she and Chris, and from what I have heard, he was amazing as her support person.
I will admit that I was so nervous about her birth, I always am when someone gives birth in the hospital (if they are at home I am not worried at all, LOL!! I know most are opposite ;0) But praise the Lord, no complications or issues at all, everything went wonderfully, we couldn't have asked for anything more! She was treated wonderfully by everyone, even when she declined things like eye ointment and vit K and asked them to delay cord clamping (go girl!!)

Here we are in the waiting room just finding out he was born
(mom is on the phone with Kristi)

Kristi and sweet love

Jackson and Gingie (our mom)

Jackson and Papa (our dad)

Our sister Kim, making waterfalls (as her daughter calls it, LOL)

Beautiful perfect little molded head!!

The new family

Finally it is my turn

I was hoping to get more pictures of Chris and Jackson in his first Kozy ride, and Kristi's first time wearing HER very own baby in the Kozy, but there were too many visitors in and out (everytime we tried, someone would come in and want to hold him). I am about to go back up to the hospital so hopefully I can get some pix of that and post them later (when I get back home).

On and on another interesting note . . . Kristi has been in and out of the hospital all week with kidney stones (which have still not passed). She has had them before (passed one just like a month ago in fact) and the pain is supposed to be excruciating. Many compare it to childbirth. She was having kidney stone pain the day before, and then was in labor all day yesterday (bless her heart). We thought she would be a good one to ask since both were back to back and fresh in her mind, so we told her that after she had the baby she would have to tell us which was worse.
One of the first things she said when we came in the room to see Jackson was that in her experience now, she said . . . labor is worse, LOL!


  1. Congratulations! Praise the Lord! He's just beautiful! (Now get those stones out and enjoy him!) :)

    Big Hugs to all,


  2. Congrats aunt Kelley!
    I'm so glad he is here and everything went smooth....can't believe she has been dealing with kidney stones too. What a tough mama she is. :)

  3. Congratulations Kristi and the whole 'Kozy family' and he is a cutie!!


  4. Oh congrats!! How very exciting! Can't wait to see those Kozy pictures.

  5. I've been wanting to hear more details about Jackson's birth! I didn't see much on Kristi's FB page! I am so excited for her and Chris and your whole family! What a blessing! And he is such a cutie!

    Glad to find your blog! I didn't know you had started one. Are you going to be able to get that picture of Kristi wearing Jackson soon? :)

  6. that made me make waterfalls!!



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