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Monday, July 27, 2009

Piper turns 7!!

Piper turned 7 on July 1oth. We had a party here at the house on the 11th. Normally we will do a pool party at the in-laws house, but we thought we would do something different this year (plus the in-laws live 3 hrs away and we have been going SO much we didn't really want to travel again).

Because we homeschool and we often get together with other 'naturally minded' families (every week actually) the kids are used to playing with kids of all ages. Also these events tend to be more 'family' oriented. Only 1/2 of the families showed up, but we still had like almost 30 kids here (ages 1month to around 12yrs). Plus all the parents were here too! It was crazy and fun!!

We had hotdogs, chips, fruit, veggies cake etc. The kids just played and we pulled out the sprinkler and kiddy pool. We also had to do the traditional bonfire and pinata.

Piper was SO excited about her party! She was talking about it for weeks and picked out a pretty outfit to wear. She said it was the best party ever!!
I just can't believe she is 7. Oh my gosh 7 years old! Where is my baby? I remember when she was born. She was my healing home/waterbirth after having transferred with my first and I could not believe she was a girl. And not only is she my only girl, but her birth was my only one that was pretty textbook, and it was my shortest (but not easiest, Evers gets that title). You can read it here.

We made Piper the 'Duggar' Cake. It is an idea we got from the Duggar family who are on TLC (they have 18 kids). We don't use Butterfingers though (made by Nestle and we boycott Nestle if we can). It is SO yummy and easy and we just put pokemon on top to decorate it.
Here is how we make it . . .

  • Layer the bottom of a dish (baking dish or whatever) with ice cream sandwiches
  • Do a 2nd layer of whip cream on top of the ice cream sandwiches (cool whip works best for us, though not as natural as whipped cream)
  • Drizzle with chocolate syrup, caramel, and Reeces Cruncher candy bars (we like those best)
  • Repeat with another layer of sandwiches, whip cream, chocolate, caramel and candy bars
  • Then we decorate it for whatever party we are using it for
  • Keep in the freezer and take it out just a few minutes before serving
  • Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm, everyone LOVES it!!!
The stampede for pinata candy above, and the annual burning of the pinata below

Thrace and Arah seemed to be having fun too!!

Ever had so much fun and was so worn out, that he ended up falling asleep on the little potty!!

We had a few friends stay the night. They all went up stairs to watch a movie and they were so wiped out from playing so hard that they all fell asleep on the bed (Arah, Piper, Xian and their friends Connor and Aidan).

Piper is such a blessing to us. I can't believe how big she is getting!! She is a wonderful big sister taking care of the other little kids. She is a tom boy who loves to play with the boys, loves pokemon and playing video games (not so into dolls) but she has her girly side who loves to look pretty, have her hair fixed and nail polish on (though Ever loves his nail polish too, LOL). She is sensitive though she sometimes hides her feelings and she is very affectionate. She has a great imagination and we will often find her outside, running around the yard alone, doing play pokemon battles or singing or just dancing or running in circles. She LOVES all types of art and is an amazing little artist. She is a pretty 'easy' kid and I don't have to correct her often, but boy she can be stubborn at times. In fact we can all credit her for me making my first Kozy. She was the baby who wouldn't be put down and nursed every 45min . . . I was desperate and had to make something with 2 shoulders to carry her in . . . and so was born the Kozy.

She really is such a blessing and I am so grateful to God for giving me such an amazing little girl. I pray that He makes us sensitive to her needs and helps us continue to be the best parents we can be to her, so that she grows up to be a happy, well rounded, self confidant woman (maybe even outspoken like her mama ;0) who loves God.

Pipperita and her Peekachu

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